... of myself.
I have to date, read two books!

This is an amazing fete for me, I haven't much time in the past 10 years to do much reading, but reading has become a huge pasttime in our home. The girl has picked up a series of books, and is on the 3rd series. We've always read to her and hoped she would find books she loves. She's not a girlie girl and prefers fantasy books to drama. I'm not bothered, I just want her to read!

I have just finished two books myself! The first called, The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I have to say that it was a good read. The theme has been done before, but it was a good read and it kept my interest. I had to check out the Large Print from the library because all the others had been checked out and it took forever to finish! Which is amazing because it shouldn't have taken so long, but it took about a week to read. Then I spent about 5 hours yesterday reading Lowboy, a completely opposite book from the previous and it was very captivating :)

So, I guess this means I have to stop reading magazines as my source for literally thought, and keep on with the novels. Next up is The Life of Bee's. I have to say though, I'm a bit of a book snob and design freak. I will most definitely pick one book over another because of the cover! I know I know it is horrible, but come - on, it is true! The beautiful will always win over the others... :) Next on my mental list is a Jane Austen book. I haven't ever read Jane's work, but have seen so many of the adaptations on film - I think it is high time I actually read the book and truly get to know Miss Austen.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ciao bellas!

I did sneek in a Colin Cowie book off the shelf at the library, along with a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Entertaining book... hehehe

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